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Videography Workshop

Videography Workshop with Yasir Nisar

Yasir Nisar is a commercial photographer based in Pakistan. He has also been teaching photography/Videography for 10+ years now. His goal is to make photography/Videography creatively simple for camera owners and hobbyists like you.

Photography/Videography is not just about taking photos of objects for retail. It is about capturing a product’s essence so the customer can see its benefit and lighting it beautifully so that buyers will be emotionally sold to it. Yasir Nisar will share the essentials things you need to do and the ideal tools to use to bring your product photography/Videography to a commercial quality level.

  • What is photography/Videography?
  • What are the ideal camera, lens and lighting gear you will need to get you started?
  • What are the essential techniques needed in shooting products?

Workshop Title: Videography Workshop with Yasir Nisar

Venue(s):   Online Zoom Sessions

Workshop Dates:

Workshop Timings: 2pm to 3pm

Mentor: Mr. Yasir Nisar

Exclusive workshop for All

Attendance is free but seats are limited.

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